Blue Water Service Ltd. - Propeller Shaft Seal Inspection, Service & Overhaul
Our company is based on the belief that our customers needs are of the utmost importance  we are fully committed to meeting those needs by offering a pro-active, reliable, excellent level of service. We are able to work on many different seal types from various manufacturers, please see the list below.
  • J.M.T.(Japanese Marine Technology) 
  • Lip seal range.
  • Air Guard seal complete system installation and set up.
  • LSB  Shaft Line Bearing Lip Seal Range.
  • MK 1   MK 2   3BL  4BL  4LD   4SC.
  • LC Lip seal range & safeguard system.
  • N Series. Bulkhead seals including Spherical Bulkhead Range.
  • A series. Seals Including Pims water injection system.
  • AC Silicone Carbide Cartridge Seals. 
  • 10 LD.  High Speed Composite Seals
  • GTSB Series
  • FSE Series
  • EXJ Main jet.  Light weight high speed silicone carbide (water jet range) 
  • E Series. Complete Range
  • M Series. M4  M8  M9  MA  MB   MD  ME  MF  ML  MN MX MY
  • MC Coast Guard System Full Overhaul & complete installation.
  • Ross Turn bull Bush System Mk 1,2,3 &4.   
As a seal service specialist we can inspect, measure, service ,repair, overhaul and test your existing propeller shaft seals. We can also modify your existing system in order to improve it. Using our wealth of experience we can also advise on how to update, upgrade or replace your system,  assisting with the complete planning and retro fitting of the system with all its components.  For example if your vessels system is old and in poor condition, with perhaps a standard lip seal, in today's environmentally aware climate you may want to consider a greener option by installing an environmentally friendly system. We are able to assist you at all stages of this process. 
Blue Water Service would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and respect by delivering expert quality service, customer care and satisfaction as well as aiming to show how much more you can get for your money and cutting your costs considerably. Why not call us to discuss your requirements and request a current price list so you can see for yourself the possible cost saving.
The following pictures show a seal which just one year previously had been serviced by the main manufacturers service engineer, the condition of the seal was extremely poor and found to be right on the edge of being scrapped.
Oil can clearly be seen leaking from the housings at both the top and bottom of the seal due to very severe corrosion. Vital operations had not been performed by the makers engineer which very nearly left the customer with a large & unexpected bill, not to mention an unscheduled dry docking and loss of revenue whilst the vessel was in dock.
Internally the seal was also in very poor condition, areas which should be filled with clean oil and polished were clearly not. This was due to more critical mistakes in the last service performed on both shaft seals.

After cleaning, the extent of the corrosion could clearly be seen, this was allowing sea water to enter into the stern tube lube oil, this in itself causing its own set of problems for the customer, not to mention even more expense due to the need to do regular oil changes in order to avoid any stern tube main bearing damage.

                                                                                                                                                The gap and corrosion spots at the main mounting ring joint can clearly be seen, this is the point at which the sea water was entering the stern tube and causing contamination issues. 

The picture below shows the same seal unit after the Blue Water Service engineer had retrieved it from the brink of becoming scrap, by using his engineering skills and vast knowledge accrued over many years. This not only avoided an unplanned docking it also saved the customer from an expensive bill. Had this not been caught just in time both propeller shafts would have had to have been withdrawn to replace the complete seal units. The overall cost of this service attendance by Blue water service gave the customer a considerable saving over main manufacturer service costs, also giving him peace of mind that his vessel was now in a condition fit for purpose.

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